• Question: do you like your job, is it like homer simpsons, a bit?

    Asked by jodifatheconifertree to Paul on 17 Mar 2010 in Categories: .
    • Photo: Paul Stevenson

      Paul Stevenson answered on 17 Mar 2010:

      I do like my job. It’s not really like Homer Simpson’s very much. He works in a nuclear power plant, which is one thing that makes use of knowledge that we have about nuclear physics, but I work in an office at a university trying to learn more about nuclear physics – trying to understand better what it is that makes protons and neutrons stick together to form nuclei, and how these nuclei react. One day, hopefully, this knowledge will go to make fusion reactors, which will be extremely clean, have no carbon, and use water as fuel.

      Homer Simpson is a bit of a hero, though, for many nuclear physicists 🙂